plantera smultron i rabatt

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One of the most obvious things in the world was to translate California Sun to Tylö sun said Per. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly På väg mot nattens nirvana, slingrande på en ytterbana med en tjej som såg ut som Jimmy Dean och med fordringar som ingen kunde ana. När du blir stor, lille vän?

Drums and background vocals: Micke Syd Andersson. To Play With Fire Youve told me before You dont want to see me cry So I better find a place to hide Cause its so hard, so hard to realize That I cant get whats in my mind But its better to play with. Comments Was called that Sugar Sugar song in the studio. Micke claims Per thought the song was too silly even for him to sing. Comments Gyllene opened the 1981 tour with this one. Mixed by Lasse Lindbom, Björn Boström, Per Gessle and Mats MP Persson at EMI Studio 2, Skärmarbrink, Stockholm, Sweden. Det bor en ande i en flaska hos mej Kom hem med mej Jag har en ande som väntar på dej Här bor en ande som väntar på dej Det bor en ande hos mej! Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till rock n roll. Goddag hallå kom och skriv en hälsning på murarna. I hold a woman I dont know anymore I kiss the lips Ive kissed a million times before I love that body walgreens semester kort kuponger but it dont feel the same You play the part in another mans game Och baby, baby this love is in vain Break.

Plantera smultron i rabatt
plantera smultron i rabatt

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