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Seal, Master Chronos, Reinforced Iron Mutae, Broken DF Android, Dark Wyvern, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Crocky the Gatekeeper, Blood Harp, Skelegon, Dark Yeti, Flyeye, Mutant Ribbon Pig, Panda Teddy, Mutant Snail, Blue Kentaurus, White Desert Rabbit, Cart Bear,. Gale Tempest Shop Unleashed Shop All major towns. The Excavator Board Excavation Site : Relic Excavation Camp Quest NPC.

The GMS version did not include potions and consumables. Grandpa Clock Ludibrium: Toy Factory Lost Time 1 Deals with quests. Time Periods edit Altaire Camp edit World Tour Areas edit Japan edit Mushroom Shrine edit Showa Town edit Kamuna edit Kaede Castle Gates edit Kaede Castle edit Neo Tokyo edit China edit Taiwan edit Thailand edit Singapore edit Malaysia edit Masteria edit New Leaf City. River Weapon Seller Perion : Perion Weapon Store Sells warrior weapons. Roly-Poly 1 Ludibrium: Eos Tower 98th Floor Deals with quests. Alcaster El Nath : El Nath Market Quest NPC. Below Mushroom Park's entrance, to the right of Cassandra. Jane Doe Kerning City : Naora Hospital Quest NPC.

This is MapleStory's Easter Bunny. Sells weapons for all jobs. Speak with her at Mushroom Shrine once more to teleport back to the city you came from. Makes decks of cards and Omok sets if you bring him the right materials. Look out for perfect trios as you collect nodes and start upgrading those if you find them. Roly-Poly 2 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 93rd Floor Deals with quests. Conor Renegades Shop Justice Shop All major towns. Jake Subway Worker Kerning City : Subway Ticketing Booth Lets you buy a ticket to any of the 3 jump quests. 24 Hr Mobile Store Cursed Temple : Another Door Sells potions and consumables. The Rememberer Sleepywood : Sleepywood Quest NPC. Wanted: Zombie Mushroom Singing Mushroom Forest : Ghost Mushroom Forest Quest NPC. Coco Chocolate Ingredient Seller Used to be found in Henesys and Ludibrium.

NPC Location(s) Notes Mad Bunny Found in Henesys (by Bruce and Maya's house, standing on the carrot patch Ludibrium (next to the Hair Salon and ClockTower and Orbis (next to Maple Administrator). NOT the same as Instructor Irvin. Len the Fairy Ellinia : Ellinia General Store Grocer; sells potions, etc. Also a quest NPC.

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