sierra handelskupong 40mm

105gr Hybrids: We have shot the pointed 107s side by side (raced) in our 300-meter range next to the Berger 105s and our pointed 107s. There are no details for this product at this time. Note However Sierra recommends a true 1:7-twist barrel to stabilize the new 110-grainers. Buying Format, delivery Options, free Shipping, show only. Sierras new 110-grainer will be very competitive, and may actually have best-in-class. Was this information helpful? Thats.8 higher than the.547 G1 BC Sierra claims for its older 107gr MatchKing. The elongated ogive and bullet point (meplat) reducing increase the ballistic coefficient over other manufacturers. Lets explain Sierra lists.547 G1 BC for its 107-grain MatchKing. Home reloading rifle Bullets /.243 Dia / 110 Grain, sierra # 1575 Item # 007-1575, description 6mm.243 Diameter 110 Grain HP Boat Tail Matchking 100 Count by Sierra Bullets.

Sierra handelskupong 40mm
sierra handelskupong 40mm

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sierra handelskupong 40mm

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Both have helped me through a number of matches and produced impressive groups on paper. As stated earlier, Sierra recommends a 1:7.5 twist. In my test.5 Creedmoor rifle, an overall length.935 has you at the lands. Reminiscent of the 6mm 110 and 7mm 197, the.5 150 is long and sleek with a 27 caliber ogive. . There are no details for this product at this time. The 150 SMK from the same gun loaded mag length with a velocity of 2,720 feet/second and only requires.3 mrad of elevation and .7 mrad of drift for the same conditions at the same distance. . Ballistic [email protected], ballistic [email protected] fps, sectional Density.266. It also is a very fine bullet for larger varmints at long ranges.

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