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get a nice brown sear on the outside before you melt the fat away. They are healthier and more solid, whereas purebred geese are very fragile. Hudson, valley, foie, gras farm where her ducks are raised. Hudson, valley manufacturer is one the greatest companies which goes in depth on what it takes to produce moulard duck food items and the premiere foie gras in the USA. When the hand-feeding process begins, the ducks live in an open pen holding fewer than a dozen birds. She is the owner of DArtagnan, which supplies foie and other luxury ingredients to the nations top restaurants, as well as home cooks via DArtagnans mail-order service. It takes about two hours to get there from New York City. Throughout their lives, they eat a whole-grain diet of corn, soy and fresh clean water.

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Get your pan extremely hot. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used. Find out why this velvety, sweet and meaty liver is prized by top toques across the nation. The Inspector of US Department of Agriculture individually evaluates each. And they eat huge amounts of corn and some soy. Are you interested to know the details? By 1984, DArtagnan was the sole distributor of domestically-produced foie, and the product caught on like wildfire (Daguins customers included heavyweight chefs Charlie Palmer and Daniel Boulud). Not only is foie gras more available today than ever in culinary history (we take some credit for that its actually quite simple to cook at home. If your mom was doing that, it would hurt you. One day, a farmerI like to think it was a womanwas taming a goose that was there at the pond and decided to kill it and cut it open, and saw that beautiful liver inside. At the end of the day, you still have quality restaurants intent on putting the best product on the plate, so small farmers have stayed the course and continue doing the right thing.